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Welcome to the Demons Age Wiki
Welcome to the Demons Age Wiki
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We are currently maintaining 366 pages (80 articles).
Demons Age

Demons Age is a game developed by Bigmoon Entertainment.

Demons Age is a RPG that combines classic turn-based role-playing with modern graphics and an intense atmosphere. Moragon has once again been invaded by Demons. The corrupted soldiers of the “Order” along with orcs and demons have swept the Peninsula of Moragon from north to south in a violent and bloody war against Elves, Dwarves, Halflings and Men. The adventure begins when the player washes ashore along the coast of this war ridden peninsula and is thrown into intrigue full of tragedy and betrayal. Demons Age first tasks players to set up their character and later allows them to hire a party of diverse characters to help them on their adventure.
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We are currently maintaining 366 pages (80 articles)!
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